December 2, 2015

Simple & Creative Holiday Gift Wrapping Tricks

When it comes to entertaining, I always like to say that presentation matters. A simple, humble gesture or gift can mean a lot more when presented in a special way. This way of thinking definitely applies to wrapping gifts during the holidays.

Don't believe me? Then you've probably never been handed a gift wrapped in a wadded up plastic grocery bag. A gift is a gift, and anything given should always be received with gratitude. But the same small item can be received very differently depending on how it's presented.

It's really not about putting on a big show...but more about just making someone feel like you went that little extra mile to make them feel important.

Holiday gift wrapping doesn't have to be stressful and it doesn't have to break the bank. Plan ahead with these simple tips and make your Christmas gift wrapping a success!

1) Stick with a color scheme - 

When all your gifts are under the tree together, they will look much neater if they are all wrapped in similar paper. Even if the patterns are different, choosing a color scheme will give everything a polished look.

And that color scheme doesn't necessarily have to be red and green. In fact, I often stock up on various colors of wrapping paper when I find it on sale throughout the year. Any solid color and most basic prints can be jazzed up to work for the holidays. A basic white paper with silver polka dots (from the Birthday party section) looks very festive with royal blue or silver ribbon.

Going with a more modern vibe this year? Why not try hot pink paper with silver or gold trimmings. Some of my favorite color combinations right now are turquoise and emerald green, gold and cream, and red and bright pink. Or use any color combo you like.

2) Get creative with trimmings - 

Instead of ribbon, use old fashioned tinsel garland to tie a shiny bow. Or maybe some twine or rick-rack. Raffia is another great material and you can tie it around a gift or even make raffia pom poms.

The days of plopping on those peel 'n stick bagged bows are behind you.

Another way to trim your packages is with small trinkets or ornaments. I picked up a whole bunch of super cute ornaments at Dollar General to double as package trim. For a buck each, these can really take your presents from so-so to wow.

3) Recycle - 

Do you save old Christmas cards from year to year? After so long, these can pile up and collect dust. I decided to put mine to good use by recycling the prettiest ones as decorative elements to add to packages.

Something else to recycle and re-purpose for gift wrapping is the comics page from the newspaper. With a bright cheery ribbon, this colorful paper can make great wrapping.

A Few More Tips - 

When using sturdier boxes with lids, I always wrap the box and lid separately. This way, it's easier to open and the paper doesn't get torn. Photo boxes are my favorite and you can pick them up right now for cheap at most discount stores. I like these because you can re-use them over and over again.

Save containers all through the year if you have a place to store them. You never know when a mailer tube or a bubble wrap envelope will come in handy for that oddly shaped Christmas gift.

Use natural elements if you can. Cinnamon sticks, a bit of holly or magnolia leaves can make a nice addition to a gift, especially when wrapped in simple brown paper. Simple can look oh so chic.