December 17, 2015

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide!

Christmas is a week away and I haven't done any shopping yet! Actually, that isn't exactly true. I've done a little. But no matter how early I begin each year, it pretty much always happens this way. I end up panicking and doing a mad dash to snatch up last minute gifts. 

If you do the same thing, I've got some ideas for you! I'm visiting with my friends on Fox43 to share some last minute gift options for all the various folks on your list! 

1) Last Minute Gifts for Teachers & Neighbors 

Growing up, my mom was a teacher. So holiday time meant her bringing home the mother lode of gifts and goodies. When shopping for someone like a teacher or neighbor, remember these magic words: Something edible. 

It's tough to buy gifts for folks you don't know very well. Sometimes teachers, neighbors, letter carriers, etc. fall into this category. It's always a pretty safe bet to go with something edible. It makes the gesture that you thought of them and it probably won't go to waste. My mom has never been much for baking. It's not her thing. So when the holidays rolled around, her students provided our family with awesome homemade sweets and treats that we wouldn't have had otherwise. 

If you can't make anything, just buy something small. My mantra for gift-giving applies here too...presentation is key. Don't just give someone a bag of M&Ms. Package them in a cute jar, maybe like these vintage-inspired green canning jars shown above. It's a great double duty gift because it gives them something to enjoy and a cool jar to use when the treat is gone. Trust me here. 

2) Last Minute Gifts for Co-Workers 

Once again, food never fails. So you spend lots of time with the people you work with. And you want to give them some sort of small token of your friendship. Start with a cute basket (the one shown is from Target, but I found identical options at Dollar General for half the price). Then fill it with a couple of great items your pals are sure to love. 
Check out this olive oil made in Georgia. It's a bit pricey, but it's small-batch, artisan, all that good stuff. And made right here in the south. Pair it with a loaf of bread (homemade or otherwise) and this makes a nice little gift. 

This also works for a hostess gift if you are attending a party. You can switch this up and include some fancy schmancy coffee beans instead, and a mini french press. The coffee I chose is from Knoxville-based Three Bears Coffee Company, but another new fave of mine is Broast, made right in my hometown of Cookeville. You can order it through the Broast Facebook page. 

3) Last Minute Gifts for Your Friends who Like to Entertain 

If you have friends who like to entertain, consider yourself lucky. These folks are the life of the party and never mind an impromptu get-together. 

Since they are gracious enough to host, treat them with ready-made gifts that will help save time and effort for their next party. Something like a cocktail gift basket might be an option. You can fill it with things like grenadine, simple syrup and other mixers. Maybe some olives or other garnishes. Even a few bottles of tonic water or club soda. Your friends will love it, feel appreciated, and keep inviting you to their rocking! 

These are just a few ideas for last minute holiday gifts! Hopefully you are ahead of the game. But if you waited, there are still a few days to shop.