October 2, 2014

How to Throw a DIY Pizza Party

Did you know October is National Pizza Month? There aren't many people who don't love a good slice. Today I'm sharing some simple tips for hosting your own DIY Pizza Party!

1) Decorations for a DIY Pizza Party

There's a certain feeling you get in a good pizza parlor, so when you host a DIY pizza party at home, you might want to try and incorporate some of those elements. Red and white checkered table cloths are great, plus votive candles in red glass containers.

I'm a sucker for cute penant garland so I created one using cardstock. You could also find a fun printable and go that route. 

You might also want to set the mood with pizza themed music. I found some crazy songs that are all pizza-related, so click here or here if you want to check those out. 

2. DIY Pizza Kits

Next, you'll probably want to think about food. There are lots of ways to host a DIY Pizza Party and none of them are particularly difficult. 

One option that was inspired by a friend of mine is to have a "Clean out the fridge" pizza party. Pull out all your leftovers, including jars with just a little dab of this or that, and let your family go to town creating unique (and potentially wacky) pizza combinations. 

Pickles and peanut butter? Why not! Leftover veggies? Throw 'em in! If you think about the latest crazes in gourmet and artisan pizza pie, there's probably a combination that will work for just about anything. 

You can make your own dough from scratch or grab a quick-baking mix. There's also the option of ready-made crusts. Or why not branch out from the norm and try using pita or naan bread. You can find some great options at your local market. 

When having guests, the simplest ideas can be received with the biggest wow factor when you pay attention to presentation. Instead of just stacking the possible ingredients on the kitchen counter, divide them up into little bowls or containers. This helps create a more visual impact and makes your guests feel like things were personalized just for them.

3) Dessert Pizza 

Finally, you'll want some sweet element at your DIY Pizza Party. At first, I was thinking of making one large dessert pizza...because there are some great possibilities there (giant chocolate chip cookie, various toppings, etc.). But then I decided to go with a sweet treat that was more individual. 

Tiny sweet pizzas! The base is a sugar cookie, then you top with frosting (tinted red) and some white chocolate shavings. Add a few red candy pieces and voila! These would be so fun for the kiddos too, especially if you let them assemble the cookie pizzas.

Hosting parties and entertaining guests doesn't have to be over the top, expensive or hard to be fun! I hope you got a little inspiration for the next party you're planning to throw! Happy Thursday friends!