October 1, 2014

Fall Fantasies: #SmellsClean

My southern beau likes to joke that my super power is empathy, and he's sweet to say that. But the truth is, my real super power is my sense of smell. I'm challenged in the vision department, having worn coke bottle thick glasses (and sometimes contact lenses) since kindergarten and I've heard of how people can have a sense that grows stronger to make up for where another is weak. 

Maybe that explains my crazy sensitive nose. I smell everything without even trying. People's perfume or deodorant. The kind of laundry detergent or fabric softener someone uses. Cleaning products. I'm just really aware of the smells around me. Sometimes this is great, but other times it can be a burden. 

Because my sense of smell is so finely tuned, I want to have pleasant smells around me, especially when I'm at home. 

Every time I walk into my home, I take a big whiff which alerts me to what I might find. Maybe it sounds crazy, but I feel conditioned to do this. If the garbage hasn't been taken out or the dog has had an accident, I smell it immediately. 

My beau has tried to break me of my habit of smelling people, at which apparently I'm not as stealthy as I think. It usually goes like this: 

He comes toward me for a hug. We embrace. He hears "sniff, sniff." 

Him: Did you just sniff me? 
Me: Oh, of course not...I was just breathing. 
Him: You totally did. Do I stink? 
Me: Um, no. But I do smell something weird. 

I'm not picking on him, really. But I guess after living alone for nine years, I had gotten used to not having anyone else's smells to contend with. 

Since cooler weather has slowly been making its way into East Tennessee, I've been enjoying open windows and not having to run the air conditioner. But when you've been gone during the day with no air running and the windows shut, the house can smell stale and musty when you first arrive. 

This is exactly what I was faced with yesterday, after being out for the majority of the day. When I got home, it didn't stink exactly, but everything just seemed sort of stale. I immediately opened the windows and lit a couple of candles. 

Candles have always been my go-to for a quick good smell fix. And fall candles are so fun, with their autumny, pumpkin goodness. One I'm really loving right now is Glade's Sage & Thyme Market. 

It isn't overpowering, but after a few minutes of being lit it freshens up my space. And that's after having an old smelly dog, the beau's gym clothes and other potentially odoriffic elements. 

I like to keep different candles on hand, depending on my mood. And I don't like to spend a fortune on a candle either. I've been known to snag some great ones (never even lit!) at yard sales or thrift stores. And sometimes if I'm grocery shopping, I'll cruise the candle selection near the cleaning products. 

I love it when my house is clean, but even when things are a little cluttered, I love it when my house smells clean. I feel happier and more peaceful when my environment is pleasant smelling. Don't you? 

What are your favorite smells of fall? 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by SC Johnson, A Family Company. All thoughts & opinions are my own.