June 30, 2014

Dining On: Mutt's Sauce, the Sauce for Every Meal

As a southern blogger, I sometimes get contacted by brands. Folks want to send me their products so I can write glowing reviews of them on the Internet. I don't say yes to everybody, mainly because I don't want to take a freebie and then feel compelled to say something nice that isn't true.

But when a high school pal of mine mentioned that she had started a sauce company, I couldn't wait to try the product and share it with you all. Imagine my surprise and delight when a complimentary box of it arrived at my doorstep!

Allow me to introduce you to Mutt's Sauce.

Mutt's Sauce is a ketchup-mustard hybrid (with other ingredients) named for my friend's grandfather, who brought the sauce to life. He earned the nickname 'Mutt' for his ability to blend in wherever he went. Mutt's Sauce is billed as "the sauce for every meal."

There are several recipes on the Mutt's Sauce website, but most of them involve meat. Since my beau and I are vegetarian, I wondered if this would limit our options...obviously meat is a big part of sauce eating here in the south (barbecue, marinating, grilling, etc.).

Nevertheless, my southern beau got right to work, taste testing Mutt's Sauce and putting it on all sorts of different foods. We have eaten up one entire bottle of it already!

Here are some of the foods my beau has enjoyed Mutt's Sauce on (and his review):

Bagel & cream cheese - "Awesome!"
French fries - "It's magical."
Bologna (Lightlife Vegetarian brand) & Cheese sandwich - "Really innovative."
On a tossed salad as a dressing - "An unexpected flavor, but good."
Carrot sticks - "Great!"
Eggs - "Fantastic"
Baked potato - "Mmm Hmmm"

And his pick for the best food to eat with Mutt's Sauce, grits. See below.

"Grits and Mutt's Sauce was possibly the finest thing I ever ate." - the Southern Beau

So far, my favorite way to eat Mutt's Sauce is as a dipping sauce for sweet potato fries. I mixed it with a dollop of creme fraiche and it was downright delicious.

There are two varieties of Mutt's Sauce, original and spicy. The original was by far my favorite, but the spicy was good also. You can learn more about Mutt's story and order your own Mutt's Sauce here.

It's also available for purchase at some local stores in Tennessee and Ohio.

A big country hug to Charlynda for sharing the Mutt's Sauce love and also for bringing her grandfather's creation to life so that the rest of us can enjoy it!

P.S. Use the code "MUTT20" on your order (good through July 11th) to receive 20 percent off! Just go ahead and get a case...you won't regret it!