June 18, 2014

Big Hair is Both My Curse and My Blessing

I haven't written anything about my hair on the blog in a long time. Which is strange because I deal with it everyday. I've struggled with it, fought against it, and tried to embrace it for years. With my upcoming wedding, I definitely want to get my hair in good shape. So on my last trip to the salon, I asked my stylist what I might do to improve its health.

She kind of frowned at me sort of tight-lipped, as if to say it might be hopeless. And then she recommended some expensive salon deep conditioning treatments and/or deep conditioning at home.

{This is exactly how I look under a hair dryer} 
Then she went on to say that without a hood hair dryer, my home attempts would be basically futile.

I was pretty discouraged. I can't really afford regular trips to the salon to sit under the dryer while reading January issues of People and US Weekly. Plus, who has time for that?

{My mom, dead center, when she was in high school...rockin' a perm that she swears lasted 10 years}
When I was in my hometown a few weeks ago, my mom suggested I go to the beauty school. This is her solution for all beauty issues. Even though she's had many strange and bizarre experiences at the hand of a student beautician (one told her she was the spitting image of Christina Aguilara). Either she just doesn't care because the price is too great to pass up or she's the eternal optimist, always hoping the next trip will be better.

So I gave it a try. A $10 beauty school deep conditioning treatment seemed better than a $40 salon version.

This is where I have to insert the part of the story that happens anytime I go to a new person to have my hair done. My current stylist is used to my mop so she never says these things, but anyone who has never dealt with my hair before has these things to say (every time, I promise you).

  1. You have so much hair. Like so much. How do you have this much hair? So much. Much hair. 
  2. How much shampoo do you use? Oh my gosh, I bet you go through an entire bottle of shampoo in no time. You have so much hair. 
  3. You have a lotta hair.

People, I am well aware there's a lot going on up there. Really? I can still fit through doors.

{Me at age 4 or 5...sporting hot roller curlz and a frown like no other...my signature look at that time. Also note the corsage!}
So the beauty school deep conditioner treatment was okay....I couldn't tell much of a difference after it was over.

And then they sprayed some kind of product on my semi-dried hair that looked like that spray snow in a can you get at Christmas. I think the nozzle was clogged or something.

Not only did it coat my even poufier than usual hair with oily white globules, but it got all over my clothes AND my purse.

I silently cursed my mom for suggesting the beauty school and I reminded myself never again to go for the cheaper option which often ends up being more expensive in the long run.

My next at-home solution for treating my hair was to buy a plastic shower cap and wrap a hot towel around my head. But I am on an anti-microwave kick and didn't think heating a towel in the oven was a safe option. So that didn't go anywhere.

{my hair makes me fly....yes, I have a lot of it}
Then I stopped in my neighborhood thrift store last week. I had already scored some major finds in the clothing department (Banana Republic pants, silk Ralph Lauren blouse, etc).

I decided to stroll through the housewares before heading to check out.

There I saw it...a hot pink hood hair dryer. And praise be, it actually worked! For the low, low price of only $16 (plus half a canister of Lysol wipes to sanitize it).

Less than half the cost of one salon treatment. I figured if I used it just three times, it would more than pay for itself vs. going to the salon.

And if you think it's gross to buy someone's old hood hair dryer at the thrift store, think about how many people sit under the same ones at the salon? Now I have my very own.

I used it the night before last. My southern beau kept asking if it was working. I don't know what he was expecting...maybe some magical transformation.

We'll see how my hair looks after a few months of home treatments.

And yes, I go through a lot of shampoo.