November 10, 2013

Veteran's Day: My Favorite Veteran

It's Veterans Day and I thought it fitting that I should take a moment to honor my favorite veteran, my southern beau.

My beau served in the United States Marine Corps and truly embodies the Marine motto of always faithful. 

We've been dating (or as my great-grandpa liked to say "courting heavy") for nearly a decade. People think it's weird, but you just can't worry about what people think. We love each other and what we have works. Marriage is definitely something we both want, but for now we're just going to continue our courtship. 

Life brings different challenges and our relationship hasn't always been easy...we even parted ways for a while. But somehow we found our way back together and I just can't imagine my life without him in it. 

In no particular order, here are some of the reasons I love him BTE (better than enything...not a typo...just our little inside joke): 
  • He writes me love letters
  • When it's that time of the month, he goes to Dollar General to get supplies. Last time, he called me from the feminine hygiene aisle to ask "Do you want the ones with wings?" 
  • He takes me to S&S Cafeteria for date night, even though we're the youngest people there by about 20 years 
  • If I'm feeling less than confident, he tells me I'm a powerful lioness 
  • He took me dancing and made it fun, even though we were terrible
  • He finds awesome baby animal videos on YouTube and we watch 
These are just a few, but you get the picture. I appreciate his service and wanted to honor him on this Veteran's Day.