July 6, 2013

What is Your Purpose in Life?

When we allow ourselves to be truly and completely loved, something happens to us. It causes a door inside our hearts to open....a door that up until that very moment, we didn't even realize was closed. When this door opens and we allow all that love to pour in, it's a magical thing. It smooths out the rough places. It wipes clean every mess. It heals every hurt. It causes hope to rain down on us in a parched desert of hopelessness. It soaks into the dry ground.

Another added bonus to this whole process is that when the heart-door is open, it's not a one-way street. We aren't just letting the love come in...but love starts going out too. The love that we feel for those around us can't help but spill out into the universe. We can't stop it (nor would we want to try).

There's so much talk these days surrounding how we all have some sort of purpose in life and it's our job to figure it out. What if our only purpose was to allow ourselves to be loved so we could then experience the magic of loving others?