July 17, 2013

Granny Betty's 32-Layer Chocolate Cake

I love cake. And family recipes. So when I had the opportunity to try something called "Granny Betty's 32-Layer Chocolate Cake" recently, I didn't pass it up.

My family went on our annual beach trip last week. Driving from Tennessee to Florida, we usually head down I-75 and drive smack through the middle of Georgia. This trip, we took I-16 toward Savannah so we could detour for a bit in Jekyll Island.

But somewhere along the way, we got hungry and decided to pull off for a bite to eat. The spot we chose was called Bay South Restaurant. It looked like a sweet little local meat & 3 and the food did not disappoint.

But the highlight of the experience was dessert. Our server recommended the chocolate cake. Her grandmother (Granny Betty) makes the cake for the restaurant.

Did I mention it had 32 layers?

I didn't get the recipe, but it was similar in taste to a fried chocolate pie. We were told that Granny Betty cooks each paper-thin layer in a small skillet...hence the fried pie taste. Then between each of the 32 layers, there was a little bit of chocolate...sort of like chocolate pie filling. We scarfed it down.

The patience it must take to make 32 layers one by one and then construct such a confection astounds me. The world needs more people like this magical Granny Betty. I'm certain of it.