May 14, 2013

Only in the south: Re-Arrangement

Y'all know I love a bargain. I've even bragged about how my family visits thrift stores in nearly ever city where we've ever vacationed. Sometimes, these thrifting adventures yield wonderful treasures. Other times, they leave me shaking my head.

A recent visit to a Habitat for Humanity Re:Store was a head shaker when I saw this faux floral arrangement a' la compact disc extravaganza.

I am generally opposed to fake flowers because they always look...fake. And unlike real flowers which die and go back to the earth, unwanted fake flowers just get dusty and end up relegated to the shelves and bins of thrift stores everywhere.

But not at this particular thrift store. Someone from the staff (or possibly a volunteer) had taken all the fake flowers in stock and re-purposed them into arrangements. This one isn't even terrible (minus the CDs) but seriously?

This could happen only in the south where, for some reason, we hold out hope that we can take unwanted things, and shine them up or re-arrange them in some way that might make them seem more desirable. It's not even a bad way to look at life, but in the case of these flowers and CDs, I just don't know if there's any hope.

I featured another find from this same thrift shop on the blog a few years ago...that time it was floral guitar-art or guitart as I called it. I really want to meet the people who come up with this stuff. They are the un-sung heroes of my "Only in the south" posts.