April 16, 2013


Ugh. We're only a day into this week and so many terrible things going on...my heart is heavy for the folks in Boston. Both the ones directly affected as well as those who are affected indirectly. I've been praying for them and hoping they feel comfort during this, what I'm sure must be an awful time.

It's not business as usual and it won't be, but I wanted to resume regular posts. Partly because it gives me something to do besides be glued to the television watching these horrible things unfold. Partly because these are the times when we most need something to connect with...to feel like we aren't alone...to feel like there are others out there who love & care about us. I certainly want you to feel loved and cared for.

For ways you can help those involved in the Boston Marathon tragedy, I found this page on the Huffington Post.

And of course you can pray.