February 15, 2013

Live like the rich & famous: Going glam in your house

{This post is a special guest submission by my friend Miss L., a talented writer and all around cool chick!} 

Thanks for the opportunity Miss SBS! 

Ah, to live the glamorous life of the rich and famous: luxurious homes, expensive jewels, fine cars and filthy, rich lifestyles. While we might not have the income and financial resources that Hollywood's elite enjoy, you can still remodel your home into a glamorous space with a few design tips and decor tricks.
Maria Favata's Glam living room via Apartment Therapy
Tiffany & Co.'s Robin Egg Blue
A Tiffany's blue-and-white room creates mood and sophistication. Follow in the shoes of interior designer Maria Favata featured on Apartment Therapy to design a striking vintage space beaming with originality. Her mix of bold colors, charming accessories and aesthetic details is stunning. 

To mimic Favata's interior look, paint the top third of your walls and the ceiling in a Tiffany-blue color. Next, paint the wall's crown molding a pearl or white hue to offset the blue and create a dynamic appearance. For the lower two thirds of your walls, apply either bleach-white paint or use white medium-density fibreboard boards; this provides a "paneled" feel. Accent the room with snow-colored wooden blinds and simple, opaque curtains for a clean, chic look.

Lush & Suede Fabrics
Imagine a room accessorized with blue-suede chairs, silk silver curtains and a cream-colored desk adorned with faint stripes. Home offices and workspaces are no longer dull and dismal. First, find a set of lush, suede chairs in a rich indigo or violet. Add a few eggshell-colored suede furniture pieces to accent the suede chairs. 

Create aesthetic cohesiveness by painting a blue trim around furniture edges that match the bold chairs. Next, use a stylish office desk as your room's focal point. A sturdy, traditional desk creates a crisp and clean look. 
For alfresco flair, decorate the desk with fresh flowers in a large mason jar. Accent the room with silver hues by incorporating silky-smooth silver drapes, a contemporary silver lamp and silver picture frames. To bring your pieces to life, use an accent wall and paint the wall in metallic gray.

Gold & Champagne
Transform your bedroom into a girly-girl domain by focusing on glamorous golds, pure whites and champagne pinks. To make a bold statement, chose an accent wall and paint it a deep, rich, metallic gold. Next apply a wallpaper stencil featuring a trendy Damask print. Paint the wall pattern in a soft pink and remaining walls in a subtle pink color. 

For a total makeover, install dark hardwood flooring in your room; the dramatic flooring will add richness to the room. Then create that "wow" factor by buying an inexpensive floor-to-ceiling length mirror (or any large mirror) and paint it gold. Painting the room's crown molding gold will also look stunning. Attach the molding to the mirror and viola! You have a budget-friendly and glamorous mirror. Finishing touches include a crystal chandelier, wall scones and draped curtains.

What great tips! My home is still in transition mode, but I love the ideas you shared, especially of using blue (or another color) of trim around furniture. Reminds me of the fabulous Dorothy Draper!

I hope y'all enjoyed this lovely guest post! Happy weekend friends!