February 28, 2012

Only in the south: Family Reunions at McDonalds & My Grandpa Wears Girl Pants

I’m not even sure where to begin with this story, but it is awesome in every way. Well the beginning of the story isn’t so awesome because it started two Thursdays ago with my grandparents getting into a serious car accident. They survived, but it was pretty miraculous. I haven’t really wanted to share about the accident yet here on the blog, but they are doing better each day and prayers are appreciated.

This weekend (after Blissdom) I was able to spend some time with my Me-me, who was still in a Nashville hospital with injuries from the accident. On our way back to my hometown, my mom and I stopped off the interstate at a McDonald’s and who did we run into but another carload of our family, including my Pe-pa headed to Nashville to see my Me-me.


I thought this was hilarious because what are the odds? Of all the exits and all the choices, only my southern family would have a unintentional surprise reunion at McDonald’s. After visiting with them a few minutes, my mom and I were headed out when my Pe-pa came and tapped on the car window. He said he wasn’t sure where the blue jeans he was wearing had come from but they were really comfortable. My mom asked him what size they were, thinking maybe they were larger and roomier than what he normally wore. He said they were a size “17.” My mom and I looked at each other. “Like a girl’s juniors size 17?” I asked him. He said someone had told him they might be girl’s but he didn’t care because they were so comfy.

gap jeans

As he walked away, we noticed they were flared, but I suppose we should just be thankful they didn’t have butterflies on the pockets. My Me-me needs to get well soon and come home from the hospital because if my Pe-pa and uncles are left to their own devices for too much longer, there’s no telling what could happen. 

{Disclaimer: My Pe-pa, who happens to be a devoted reader of this blog, is awesome. He could wear a paper bag or a tutu and I’d still think he were the greatest. Any kidding is done from a place of love.}