February 15, 2012

Better Late than Never: Friday Night Lights


Somehow I missed the wonder and magic that is Friday Night Lights when it first aired on television. I'm not really a huge football fan, but I enjoyed the movie when it came out so it seems like something that would have been on my radar. Back then, I had cable service so I’m not sure why I never watched the show, but last week I finally broke down and watched the pilot. Now I’m totally hooked and afraid to read anything about it on the web, lest I spoil the story line. Thankfully 76 episodes are available to watch instantly on Netflix and so far, I've seen about 11 of them.

These should keep me busy until late March when Mad Men returns to AMC. Tee hee…I promise I do have a life outside of watching television. But if you see me yawning during the day, I’m blaming it on late night FNL marathons. 

Are you a die-hard fan of Coach Taylor and all the gang? Is the rumor about a film version true? Could Tim Riggins be any cuter? I’d love to chat Friday Night Lights with you, if you promise not to give anything away that I haven’t seen yet. Happy Hump Day lovelies!