January 4, 2012

Only in the South: Cheap Tail

Every year one of my dear friends and I get together on Christmas Eve morning for a little breakfast, shopping and catching up. We usually make the rounds among a few antique stores in his quaint southern hometown and this year was no exception. We saw lots of great deals and I had to resist the urge to buy up some ironstone pieces I really liked. However, there was one item for sale I did not feel any urge to buy.


Only in the south would a little bundle of tails be nestled in with the antique potato mashers and egg beaters, just hanging on a peg. I’m not sure if the price tag referred to only one tail in the bunch or the if the whole lot of them would have been $2.50.


Perhaps someone more knowledgeable of the going price for tails can advise us as to whether or not this was a good deal.

Part of me really wanted to buy this and secretly tuck it in the stocking of an unsuspecting family member, but because I don’t love touching parts that have been removed from animals I can’t identify, I left it hanging there on its peg.

So what do y’all think?

{Disclaimer: The owner of this blog loves all animals and neither participates in nor condones animal cruelty, including but not limited to tail removal.}