January 1, 2012

Anti-Recipes: Black Eyed-Peas for New Years

The southern beau and I rang in the New Year with a hearty bowl of black eyed-peas for good luck in 2012. While I don’t really put too much stock in superstitions, we’ve carried out this tradition for years now and it’s a fun way to celebrate the evening.


We watched The Help (he hadn’t seen it yet) and I managed to stay awake (barely) until 12:01. I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s too. There’s still time to eat some peas (and hog’s jowl) today, if you’re so inclined.

Happy 2012 my friend!

Now, would anyone be willing to share his or her resolutions? I have a couple, although I’m not really fond of that word. I’ll be back tomorrow to share a few.