October 28, 2011

Fall Fun at the Pumpkin Patch


My southern beau and I get pretty excited about Halloween and this year he wanted us to visit a real pumpkin patch. We’ve done ‘pumpkin patches’ before, but they were the kind where all the pumpkins have been set out in a field…as opposed to actually growing there.


There was still a bit of that at the patch we went to, but many of those little orange babies were still clinging to the vine! I felt like such a kid running around trying to select the perfect ones.


We also saw these rascals who were alertly guarding the patch. The dog wasn’t easily convinced, but Mr. Goat fell in love with me once I gave him corn and a few licks of my sorghum lollipop.


All the pumpkins made it home with only one instance of stem breakage and they are patiently waiting to be carved.

Did you get a pumpkin this year? Did it grow in a patch or do you prefer more lasting varieties (i.e. ceramic)?

Happy Friday y’all!

and congrats to Amy & Katie L. for winning the Shutterfly giveaway!