October 10, 2011

Bringing Butchering Back with @PRButcher

pig diagram

I always love to see a new business get started, especially when it’s one that offers amazing products. I met the guys of Porter Road Butcher at the Southern Artisan Cheese Fest and if you are ever in East Nashville, you should look them up.

porter rd butcher logo

Local and regional meats are a huge priority of theirs, to support the livelihoods of farmers in this area. Porter Road Butcher gets whole animals and butchers them on-site, which, according to my grandpa (a retired butcher) and Mr. Alan Benton, is quite a skill because “hardly anyone knows how to butcher anymore.”


We were treated to their Tennessee Pate at the Cheese fest…something like spam on steroids….or a little slice of heaven on a Ritz cracker. I look forward to seeing Porter Road Butcher thrive and can’t wait to taste more of their delicious offerings. 

If you eat meat, do you ever buy it from local producers?