May 25, 2011

le fete de l’imagination: Dixie Carter

peach ruffle cake

Today we’re celebrating the birth of a very special lady. Miss Dixie Carter passed away last year (we honored her life in a post), but I can’t let her birthday pass without a mention. She embodied what it means to be a southern belle, with both grit and grace. I’m sure she would aged even more gracefully had her life not ended too soon.


Instead of some sort of frou-frou beverage concoction, I think Ms. Dixie would enjoy a Coke for her birthday, or perhaps a Co-Cola…maybe sipped from a chilled silver tumbler. She was all lady, but not in a silly way. My southern story is certainly richer because of her.


And for the lady who probably had everything? Freshly cut hydrangeas grown in the soil of her sweet home state of Tennessee. Although I like to think there are at least a few hydrangea bushes lining the streets of heaven. If there aren’t hydrangeas in heaven, I’m not sure I want to go.


Happy Birthday Dixie Carter & Happy Wednesday my friends!