May 19, 2011

#GWTW75 Celebration & Giveaway

In honor the anniversary of Gone with the Wind’s publication (75 years ago today!) I’m giving away a copy of the beloved book. I happened to see this special anniversary edition at the grocery store of all places and picked up a copy for one lucky reader!

gwtw75 book

To be eligible, just leave me a comment/send a tweet finishing the following phrase: “Frankly my dear…” You can vent something, be funny/silly or just tell me something that’s going on in your life! I’ll randomly choose a winner Sunday at midnight and announce it Monday!

If you tweet, please use the hashtag #GWTW75 to spread the word about the festivities taking place in Georgia this summer to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Here’s mine…frankly my dears, I’m glad the weekend is almost here! Happy Thursday!


  1. Frankly my dear, if this were a modern story, it would be on Desperate Housewives.

  2. Frankly my dear---I would love to win this book!!!!!!

  3. Frankly my dear I wish I was going to Georgia this summer to celebrate!

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