April 18, 2011

Monday Mishmash


It was one of those truly lovely weekends…when time moves a little slower and the calendar is packed to the brim with activities you wish would last forever. I whipped up a batch of my great-aunt Geneva’s famous fruit salad (to be featured in a future anti-recipe post!)


I attended a special banquet honoring members of my college sorority (I volunteer as an advisor and it has been oh so rewarding). After the lunch, each alum was gifted a centerpiece…gorgeous southern hydrangeas, white roses and daisies.


Egg-shaped Reese’s pieces in perfect pastel colors fill my great-grandmother’s prized carnival glass candy dish. Try walking by without popping one or two in your mouth!


A single rose in the most breathtaking shade of coral…isn’t it amazing how color can speak to us?


Finally, a brass tray I found at a church rummage sale for $4…there’s nothing better than rummaging with a best friend! You might recognize those birdies from a previous post….one special reader picked them up for me as a birthday surprise! So sweet…or should I say tweet?

Happy Monday Friends!