April 21, 2011

Hippity Hoppity Chocolate Covered Peeps


Even though Easter means so much more to me than bunnies and chocolate, I wanted to share an easy project I did involving both. I’m not anti-bunnies or anti-chocolate, but they have little to do with the real reason for the holiday.


After having fun dipping pink marshmallows in chocolate back in February, I thought why not try it with Peeps? Everybody in the blogosphere is using Peeps these days for all sorts of crafty DIY projects and I did not want to be left out. (Just google “DIY Chocolate covered Peeps” if you don’t believe me!).


I’m not a fan of the candy melts for dipping because they have all that partially hydrogenated oil…so instead I just use regular chocolate chips. I added a tiny bit of canola oil to them and microwaved on low for 3 minutes, stirring at 1 minute intervals. After dipping, I set my bunnies out to cool on a wire rack and then transferred them to the fridge wrapped in wax paper.


You can dip the chicks too, but my local Dollar General only had bunnies so I went with it. If you’d rather do a color other than chocolate, use white chocolate chips and a bit of food coloring. You know I like to keep things easy! This project was completed in about half an hour, so don’t feel intimidated…give it a try! Happy Thursday!