May 15, 2019

End of the Year Teacher Gift Ideas!

Growing up with a teacher mom, I know a thing or two about how much teachers appreciate any and all gestures of thoughtfulness. With the school year coming to a close, it's a great time to say thanks to the teachers who have loved and encouraged your kiddos since August.

It doesn't take a huge budget or lots of time to create a small thoughtful token to make a teacher feel appreciated. I've got three ideas at different price points to inspire you. Hopefully this will serve as a jumping off point to get you inspired with teacher gifts of your own!

The $5 Teacher Gift Option 

What teacher (or really person for that matter) doesn't like salty snacks? This is a simple gift that you can do even on a small budget. It's called the "Nacho Average Teacher" basket and I was inspired by this fab blogger gal. 

All you need is a bag of chips, a couple jars of dip or salsa and a cute container and you're good to go. I hit up places like Big Lots and the Target Dollar Zone for little extra touches that make it feel special. You might even have a gift basket on hand or a cute vintage container. 

The $15 Teacher Gift Option 

Inspired by Stephanie at Somewhat Simple, this "Orange You Glad It's Summer" gift basket is perfect for Tennessee teachers! 

You can include anything that your child's teacher might enjoy, but things like flip flops, a cute beach cup and sunscreen come to mind. Also, some snacks to enjoy beachside/poolside.

This gift option could also be customized to your budget, depending on whether you want to spend more or less.

The $30 Teacher Gift Option

Finally, if you want to spend a bit more and make that special teacher feel extra special, a spa gift basket or movie night basket are both great options. 

For a spa gift basket, include things like sheet masks, a yummy-smelling scrub, lotion and even a bath bomb. 

For a movie basket like this one from an adorable blog, maybe include snacks and a Netflix or Redbox gift card or a gift card to a local movie theater. It helps if you happen to know your child's teacher's favorite snacks, but if all else fails grab a mix of sugary and chocolate and you're sure to please someone! 

It's really not about the money. I can remember my mom getting the sweetest handwritten cards from parents and students alike that touched her heart and still grace her fridge to this day.

But if you've had a great teacher (or several) who have gone out of their way to support your kiddo and cheer him/her on this year, I hope you'll take the time to say thanks. As a teacher's kid, I saw firsthand that theirs could be a thankless job at times, but those little gestures of appreciation went a long way.