March 20, 2019

Setting a Beautiful Springtime Table

Happy Spring y'all! I don't know about you, but I'm loving life against the backdrop of blooms and green. In honor of the season, I'm bringing some spring inside with a few ideas for setting a beautiful springtime table.

Don't feel like you have to go out and spend a lot of money. These ideas are simple to execute and affordable for any budget!

First, think about your background. Got a gorgeous table? Maybe leave it uncovered for some natural beauty this spring. Want to add a pop of color? Go bold with a brightly colored tablecloth. I like royal blue because it looks great against the colors of the season.

Then, add texture. Think table runners, placemats and chargers. These can help you add visual interest and create a more interesting look and feel.

Consider the dishes you want to use. I tend to stick with all white since they can be mixed and matched with anything....but if you love color, go all out! And don't feel like you have to be all matchy matchy. Combine patterns and colors to create a more exciting tablescape.

Accessories are when the real fun begins...I have some adorable little bird nests that I like to use. These were thrifted a few years ago and cost just a couple of bucks. I also like to incorporate elements like bunnies, ceramic flowers and small containers.

Don't forget to add natural elements! Pebbles, rocks, twigs or things you've collected can be really cute. And don't hesitate to snip a few branches from blooming shrubs or plants in your yard.

All of this can be combined in a lovely, affordable and simple-to-create spring tablescape!