February 13, 2019

Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas for Your Sweetie

So Valentine's Day snuck up on me this year, but no worries....these simple ideas are sure to impress my sweetie, and yours too!

DIY Bruschetta Bar


Who says you have to spend a ton of money or be a gourmet chef to whip up a memorable Valentine's Day meal? The secret to creating a special eating experience is to incorporate unique flavors and choose products that feel special or out of the ordinary. I hit up my local Trader Joe's and looked for ingredients and products I don't normally buy....things like goat cheese, pesto, and other nibbles.

Ya know, stuff you'd expect to enjoy at a fancy wine tasting, art gallery opening or symphony reception.

Then I'm going to use it all to create a lovely spread, a charcuterie tray of sorts, but focused on DIY bruschetta. Different toppings, different garnishes, and lots of deliciousness.

There are many pros to this kind of Valentine's Day meal. One, it's easy to whip up without a lot of prep time. Two, it doesn't require your entire evening to be spent in the kitchen and clean-up is a breeze. Three, if your sweetie is treating you to a lovely meal out to a restaurant, this can serve as your appetizer course. Although between you and me, going to a restaurant on Valentine's Day tends to be something of a let down.

And be sure to serve this on a wooden cutting board or some type of fancy tray if you have one. Presentation goes a long way!

Here are some other ideas for things to add to your DIY Charcuterie/Bruschetta tray:

  • Assorted cheeses (some hard, some soft)
  • Assorted meats (prosciutto, capicola, and salamis)
  • Assorted olives & pickles 
  • Crusty bread slices or store-bought bruschetta toasts 
  • Assorted jams, jellies, honeys, and spreads (hummus, pesto, dips, etc) 
  • Assorted fruits like berries, plus slices/sections of apples, pears, and oranges 

Create a Rosé Wine Station


Champagne is popular for creating a DIY mimosa bar, but what about creating a rosé station for your Valentine's Day celebration? Rosé mixes well with some of the common mixers, such as lemonade, limeade and orange juice. You can also add some sparkling water like LaCroix in a variety of flavors, depending on your preference. 

And finally, because it's not Valentine's Day without a little something sweet.....

Cupid's Trail Mix 

Again, y'all know I love a simple recipe and this one certainly qualifies. I was inspired by this Chex Mix, but I've adapted it a bit for the holiday. 

The only ingredients the basic recipe calls for are: 

  • 8 cups Rice Chex™ or Corn Chex™ cereal
  • 2 bags (12 oz each) white vanilla baking chips (4 cups)
  • 2 tablespoons pink cookie/cupcake sprinkles 

I'm adding some pink marshmallows, a few red, pink and white candies (whatever you like) and pretzels to give it some salty crunch. Oh and popcorn....gotta have popcorn. 

I hope your heart is filled with love, no matter how you are spending the day! XOXO y'all!