January 10, 2018

Simple Treats to Chase Away the Winter Blues

Winter can be a blustery time. The holidays are over, but it's still quite a while before spring finally arrives. It's dark when we wake up, and dark when we get home from work. Everything looks brown and dead. Cold, dreary days can really start to wear on us all.

That's why it's good to look for ways to chase away these winter blues. I've got a few fun and simple ideas that you might want to try. These would be great for friends and family, or just to enjoy for yourself.

Warm Up with a DIY Hot Cocoa Station

Warm drinks are a great cure for what ails us, especially when those chilly winds are blowing outside. Coffee and hot tea are fine, but there's something about cocoa that hearkens back to childhood and offers a soothing nostalgia good for the soul. 

Gather up all your favorite cocoa accouterments and assemble a DIY hot cocoa station for your next party. Or maybe just have this on hand for yourself after a long day. It feels fun and festive and who doesn't love a little sugar buzz to ward off the chill. 

via Party City

Some of my favorite cocoa add-ins include: 

Crushed peppermint
Assorted marshmallows (of course)
Cinnamon sticks
Peppermint sticks
Mint candies (including peppermint patty) 
Whipped cream 
Chocolate chips

Polar Bear Paws 

We don't have polar bears in Tennessee. In fact, we hardly get any snow around here at all. So since you won't see any actual polar bears in our neck of the woods, why not celebrate these cuddly creatures with a sweet treat? 

Polar bear paws are easy to make. All you need is cookies (or cupcakes), white frosting, shredded coconut and decorative candies. Check out this blog for more detailed directions! 

Snowman After-School Snacks 

As a kid growing up in Tennessee, snow days were like a rare gift. We just don't get a lot of snow around here. But there's always a chance and in the meantime, why not celebrate Frosty with some fun snacks made to look like him? 

With some basic clear plastic cups and a Sharpie, you can turn a simple snack into something really cheery and fun. Same goes for string cheese. 

Sometimes it really is the simple things that can bring us the most joy. I hope you'll take time this winter to inject a little fun into your everyday routine. And I hope if the winter blues find you, they don't stay very long!