October 27, 2017

What's Hot Right Now (It's Not What You Think)

I know you've seen them. Bright glossy magazine covers staring you in the face as you stand in line to check out at the grocery store or Target. Beautifully made-up smiling celebrities that you sort of recognize. Bold headlines in punchy colors that read things like:

Must haves for Fall
This season's hottest trends
What's hot right now! 

It's always something like a ridiculously expensive coat that is so right now, even though you have a perfectly good coat in your closet that keeps you plenty warm and still fits. Or it's a way of styling your hair or doing your makeup. Or perhaps a certain color of lipstick that you can't live without. 

But are any of these so-called must haves really a must? Will our lives be rendered incomplete without matte lipstick, ruffled sleeves and embellished denim? 

I was at the hair salon a few weeks ago when I first starting thinking about this. I love my hairstylist but I don't so much like the salon where she works. They could definitely use a bit of customer service revamping. I was waiting in the lobby when a twenty-something woman came to escort me to the hair washing station. I smiled at her and stuck out my hand to introduce myself and she gave me a confused look before presenting me with a limp, floppy fingered handshake. 

Are handshakes a lost art? I really hope not. What about opening the door for people or standing up to greet someone when you are introduced? I continue to try and do these things, even though I encounter many folks who do not. 

So this got me to thinking about another list of things. Things that are not only hot right now, but in my opinion, will be hot forever and always. These are truly our must haves in every season of every year. They aren't passing trends, but timeless options that will always flatter us and always leave us looking and feeling our best. 

:: Trying to appear interested more often than we try to be interesting  

:: Being on time, all the time. Or maybe even a few minutes early 

:: Eye contact! Seriously, is this really something we need to be reminded of? Apparently so. 

:: Big smiles and firm handshakes (it's not that hard, people) 

:: Going out of our way to make others feel comfortable and at ease (this is the very basis of southern hospitality) 

:: Showing genuine concern when someone is going through a rough patch 

:: Putting down our phones and actually looking at the person across from us

:: Remembering that each of us has silent heartaches and invisible struggles and that we could all use a little (or a lot of) grace 

:: Keeping in mind that no matter where you are in life, there are always people who have it way better and plenty of others who have it way worse 

:: Instead of interrupting, wait your turn to talk. Then say something worthwhile. 

:: Don't waste time or resources that don't belong to you. 

:: Be the type of person you want to meet.