June 5, 2019

Celebrate National Donut Day with a DIY Donut Station

Alright folks, that day of days is upon us. The first Friday in June. Also known as National Donut Day. This is an occasion to celebrate one of the purest, most simple forms of deliciousness we know. The humble donut.

Donuts have come a long way over the years. Plain cake and glaze has been elevated with toppings galore, flavors and all sorts of frosting options. But the best thing about donuts is that there's a flavor or topping combo for just about everyone.

What's your favorite? Are you a classic donut fan, maybe just a blueberry cake or chocolate frosted? Or perhaps you like to go out on a limb, enjoying concoctions with strange combinations like bacon and maple glaze.

On my recent trip to NYC, I tried donuts at Donut Plant, an awesome little eatery known for its incredible donut flavor offerings. My favorite was the Brooklyn Blackout, described as a chocolate cake doughnut, filled with chocolate pudding, dipped in chocolate glaze and sprinkled with chocolate cake crumbs. Yes, please!

Have you caught donut fever? There's no shortage of great donuts  to be found in Knoxville, from Makers Donuts to Status Dough, to the most recently opened Pops Donuts.

Want to enjoy donuts at home? Why not set up a fun DIY donut station at your next party or event. All you need are a bunch of plain cake donuts and assorted frostings and toppings. Let your guests go to town creating their own one-of-a-kind donut creations.

I found a great recipe for donut glaze that only calls for three ingredients: milk, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract. Click here for details. 

Here are a few ideas below to inspire you!

Candied pineapple + Shredded Coconut on cream cheese frosting = Pina Colada Donut

Mini marshmallows + Graham crackers on chocolate frosting = S'Mores Donut

Assorted Breakfast Cereal on vanilla frosting = Eye Opener Donut 

Fresh strawberries + whipped topping = Strawberry shortcake Donut

Apple Pie filling + Caramel sauce on cream cheese frosting = Apple Pie Donut 

Donut disappoint your guests!