February 8, 2017

Fun & Simple Valentine's Day Party Ideas for the Entire Family

Love is in the air and Valentine's Day is just around the corner! This is one of my favorite times of year. All the sugary sweetness, pink hearts everywhere, and people freely declaring their love. 

Thinking about throwing a little Valentine's Day soiree of your own? Here are some simple (and affordable) ideas the entire family will enjoy! 

1) Scale Down

There's just something about tiny things that are so cute! Valentine's Day is a great occasion to enjoy all sorts of petite treats. Plus, they are smaller so you can eat more of them. 

I found some really great selections at my local Aldi store, including these cute heart-shaped jam cookies. If you have a pedestal plate or a tiered serving plate, that would make your sweets look even more adorable. 

Another great tiny dessert to create for Valentine's Day is a mini strawberry shortcake. I picked up some really cute small parfait cups at Party City. It's all about presentation and these help you make your presentation really special. 

2) Add Some Flair

Sticking with the smaller scale, I picked up some mini muffins at Aldi as well. These are fine for store-bought, but the way to really jazz them up for a Valentine's Day party is with a little flair. 

Add some festive picks or candy accessories to give them that semi-homemade look. 

Other variations on ways to make store-bought treats more special...

1) Attach heart-shaped marshmallows to the top with a toothpick for a really sweet looking treat. 

2) Slather on some frosting (homemade or store-bought). Sometimes local bakeries will sell containers of their frosting for home cooks. This is a great way to jazz up a store-bought or box mix cake. 

3) Serve it up in Style

As I said earlier, and many times before, it's all about presentation. Two completely identical food dishes can be presented in different ways and you will think one tastes better if it's presented beautifully. 

Something easy to serve for a Valentine's Day party is popcorn. It's cheap and easy to make or you can buy it already popped. 

I melted some chocolate & white chocolate chips (tinted pink with food coloring). Then I drizzled it over the popcorn and added some pink and red candy pieces. Voila! Easy and delish. 

And to serve, I picked up some really fun little paper cones and a cute serving tray from Party City. For just a few bucks, I took this simple party food up a notch. 

You could serve plain popcorn in a boring bowl and nobody would bat an eye. But give it some pizzazz and you'll have all your guests raving.  

Valentine's Day is such a great time to share your warm and fuzzy feelings with the ones you love most. It doesn't have to be about a romantic (and expensive!) dinner out. You can enjoy Valentine's Day with loved ones of all ages, with tasty treats for everyone!