December 7, 2016

Simple Christmas Decorations for Less than $5

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I just can't believe December is here again...and with it, Christmas. But instead of getting caught up in the hustle and bustle that certain elements of this season can bring, I'm choosing to focus less on the stress and more on the things that matter.

East Tennessee was hit hard by the wildfires that tore through our region recently. Lives were lost, homes and businesses destroyed. And that on the heels of so many other struggles and challenges that our communities are facing. Sometimes, things like Christmas decorations seem trivial or silly.

But I was reminded recently of the greatest mission that any of us is charged with: to be a source of encouragement to each other. That's what I set out to do when I started this blog.

It's not about being perfect, or even presenting the illusion of perfection. It's not about buying all the things, just for the sake of having all the things. It's about simple ways to bring a little bit of loveliness to your world.

And today, we're doing it with Christmas decorations that cost less than $5 each. This is a round up of some of my favorite ideas, as inspired by other bloggers. Because you know, sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration.

First, I've got a simple holiday garland made with items from the health and beauty aisle. Cotton balls and dental floss, to be exact. I threaded a large needle with floss, and strung up some cotton balls. I doubled the floss through each one to hold it in place an equal distance from the next cotton ball.

This great blog was my inspiration. Check out the pretty vignette blogger Kathy created with strings of cotton ball garland hanging from the ceiling. So much whimsy!

Next, turn a plain old white candle from the Dollar store into a cheerful snowman.

All you need is a white candle in a glass jar, a bit of scrap ribbon or fabric (for his scarf) and Sharpie markers. I happened to have an orange one on hand, but you could use whatever color you want for your snowman/snowperson.

A great gift idea for a teacher, neighbor or Secret Santa.

Speaking of great gift ideas, here's another one that also doubles as a cute decoration. Turn any clear glass jar into a Santa-themed candy dispenser. For this one, you'll need some black ribbon and a bit of gold or yellow paper. And red candy! I used cinnamon red hots but you may have a different favorite.

Click here for full tutorial.

All of these ideas are pretty simple, but sometimes the simple things are exactly what we need. Life can be complicated enough on its own. Why make matters worse?

And you don't have to be a blogger or think of yourself as a "crafty" person to enjoy these types of projects. Just jump in. Give yourself permission to try. Tap into some creativity you didn't know you had. It's good for the soul. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season!