June 1, 2016

Celebrate National Donut Day with Simple Treats to Make at Home

Friday is National Donut Day, and around here it's a time for celebration. Actually, I don't need a special occasion to eat donuts, but it's nice to have one anyway. 

In honor of National Donut Day, I've got three simple treats you can make at home for your family. And don't worry....they don't involve baking. Now, if you are a baker, each of these could be made from scratch. 

It's just that I'm not much of a baker, so I take the easy route. But I love taking something store-bought and giving it a little extra oomph. Case in point, turning chocolate cake donuts into whoopie pies with the addition of some basic whipped vanilla frosting. 

Chocolate Donut Whoopie Pies

via Gluten Free Canteen

These great looking donut whoopie pies were featured on the blog, Gluten Free Canteen. Don't they look tasty? If you want to make that recipe, check it out!

My version is much simpler. First, I picked up a half dozen chocolate cake donuts from a local donut shop. Then, I sliced them down the center. Next, I filled them with a fluffy vanilla frosting (also store-bought, but you could make your own). Put them back together as sandwiches and, voila! Donut whoopie pies.

Banana Pudding Filled Donuts

via Lauren's Latest - plus check out the other great donut ideas!

Next I set out to jazz up a simple bakery pudding filled donut. What's a more quintessential summertime southern dessert than banana pudding? I can't think of one. To turn boring old pudding filleds into banana pudding masterpieces, you need cream cheese frosting, bananas and Nilla wafers.

Start by frosting the tops of the donuts with the cream cheese frosting. Then apply a layer of banana slices. Finally, add your nilla wafers. Feel free to top it off with a squirt of whipped cream. Simple and delish, am I right?

Easy Chocolate Sauce for Mexican Cinnamon Shortbread Donuts

Finally, while exploring my neighborhood, I stumbled upon a Mexican bakery with some amazing wares. While they are different from what you might think of as a donut, these crunchy, flaky treats are perfect to enjoy for National Donut Day!

Based on my research, they are called Rosquitas de canela, which I believe translates to cinnamon shortbread. Similar in taste and texture to cinnamon Churros, I have seen these served with a chocolate dipping sauce, so I whipped up an easy version to drizzle on my bakery treats. Melt some chocolate chips on low in a saucepan, without letting it burn. Drizzle as much or as little as you like, and eat up!

Don't forget to celebrate this Friday, June 3rd. Hope your National Donut Day is good and sweet!