March 12, 2015

Fun Staycation Ideas that are Simple & Affordable

Spring means spring break, but not everyone gets to fly away to some tropical paradise. If like me, you are spending your spring break as you would any other week, why not look at it as an opportunity for a fun Staycation?

So what if many of your friends are traveling to someplace fabulous. You can still have a blast staying home...all you need to do is think outside the box.

One great idea for a staycation is to have an impromptu party. I'm sure you have other pals who are not traveling and if you get together with them, it will definitely take the sting out of your being stuck at home.

But not just any old party will do...get creative and throw a Swap Party for your pals. Not only is it a great excuse to clean out your closet and home, but it's a free chance to get some new (to-you) stuff!

How to Throw a Swap Party 

First, you'll want to decide who to invite. Choose enough people that there's plenty of opportunity for variety in the items up for swap, but not too many that it becomes chaos.

Specify what types of items you want the swap to include. Clothing might get tricky unless everyone is around the same size, so I think accessories might make a good swap. This could include fashion accessories like jewelry, scarves, and handbags as well as accessories for the home like photo frames, book-ends, and vases.

Once you've settled on your guest list, extended invites and decided on specifics for the party, it's time to get down to the details of how the swap will work.

The best way to keep a swap party fair is to make sure everyone brings roughly the same number of items and that they are also in good condition. Make it clear in your invitation that this isn't the time to pawn off ratty old things. It's more a chance to pass along gently used items that you don't have much use for anymore.

One way to manage the swap is by using a point system. Larger, more expensive items could be worth more points and everyone can get points to shop with based on what they bring. You could also have the swap be for like items. For example, if you bring a purse, you get to take a different purse home. But this might take more planning to ensure that there are enough of the same types of items to go around.

Ultimately, it's just a fun way to spend some time with friends and hopefully gain a few new things at the end of the evening.

Serve some snacks and maybe a signature cocktail to make it more memorable!

Tropical Cocktails - Not Just for Vacation Anymore! 

Even if you aren't beaching it for Spring Break, there's nothing that says you can't bring a bit of the tropics to you! Another way to enjoy a staycation is to make up a batch of fruity share or keep to yourself.

Come home from work and unwind while channeling your inner beach goddess.

It could be something simple using whatever you have on hand. I recently mixed up some Simply Raspberry Lemonade with Vodka for a great little martini I'm going to start calling the Tropi-Tini Raz-Bikini. Seriously...try to say that without giggling.

Rim your glass with a little colorful sugar, add a paper umbrella and you'll swear you were somewhere warm and sandy! Okay, maybe not. But a staycation is still just as good a reason as any to sip a fruity cocktail! 

Challenge Yourself 

Finally, look at your staycation as a chance to get some things in order. Maybe there's a big project you've been putting off, but would like to complete. 

Or what if you just need to set some new goals and create new routines to help yourself achieve them? 

Another fun staycation challenge is to finally tackle some of the projects and recipes you've pinned to Pinterest. Do you ever feel like you pin and pin, but never actually make or do any of the stuff? I challenged myself to make a couple recipes for fun St. Patrick's Day treats I had pinned last year but never got around to making. 

There's just something so satisfying about challenging yourself and rising to the task, only to be able to check that thing off your list as complete. Maybe it's just me, but I like this sense of accomplishment. While it might not be as glamorous as a Caribbean cruise, everything is relative....and as my grandpa loves to say: "All you get out of life is what you enjoy." If you enjoy crafting or baking, or hiking or anything else, I hope you'll take some time to do that stuff! 

And when your friends come back from Cozymel with all sorts of stories to tell, you'll have plenty of your own to share of your staycation adventures!