March 17, 2014

This Love of the Land

Maybe it was my reddish hair or pale skin, but I always secretly hoped I had Irish ancestry. After much research, I was only able to pinpoint one or two people from my family tree who possibly came from Ireland. 

While I might not be Irish, I can confidently say that I come from people who had a deep, deep love of the land on which they lived. 

My great grandpa was a farmer who worked the land all his life, never living anywhere but a few miles from where he was born. 

I've never lived on a farm, but I love the idea of being connected to all the people generations back who sweated and toiled and worked the land. One day, I'd like to build a house on my grandparents' farm and spend quiet days with my southern beau, writing and enjoying a happy life together. 

Hope you have a Happy St. Patrick's Day...and if you have Irish ancestry, I'm mighty jealous!