January 22, 2013

You Might be a Yankee If....

I'm sure you've heard Jeff Foxworthy's You might be a redneck if jokes. But you probably haven't heard of my grandpa's jokes You might be a Yankee if. A Texas-born southerner through and through, my paternal grandpa has a great sense of humor. He hasn't been in the best health these past several years, but in many areas, his mind is as sharp as ever. When I told him about my blog, he wanted me to take down some of his Yankee jokes and share them with my readers. 

Today, I'm sharing one that gave me a chuckle. 

"If you've never had a washing machine, refrigerator or Coke machine on your front porch, you might be a Yankee." 

{I'm really lucky to have both grandfathers still in my life....my mom's dad is a devoted reader of this blog...Hi Pe-pa!}