May 16, 2012

Only in the south: What a Hoot


I love thrift stores for all the possible treasures they hold, but I also love thrift stores for the grade-A crazy they have to offer. I actually really love some of the items shown here, just maybe not all together.


Owl enthusiasts of the world have finally found a source for every obscure incarnation of owl paraphernalia imaginable.


From friendly to silly, scholarly to cute, angry to just plain frightening, this booth (lovingly called ‘Hooterville’) at a local thrift/antique/vintage shop is an owl lover’s paradise.


All I can do is shake my head and all I can say is “only in the south.”

Are you a hootie aficionado? If so, you need to run, don’t walk, to Knoxville where these nocturnal predators patiently await being added to your collection.