November 30, 2011

November Round-up


On this last day of the month, I wanted to share a little list of things I’m thankful for…since I didn’t manage to do it each day (but I’ve enjoyed the ones of you who did!).

I’m thankful for…
  • my new job…even though it’s keeping me very busy and blogging has gotten pushed down a bit on the to-do list
  • my dogs…even when I come home to find chewed up feminine hygiene products and bath tissue (thankfully unused!)
  • my family…even when some of them drive me the tiniest bit crazy (love you all though)
  • my sweet southern beau…who tells me it’s ok to eat another piece of pie AND always takes out the garbage (what a keeper!)
  • my energy level which is improving as I introduce more and more healthy foods into my diet
  • the love and friendship of all my blog/twitter/Facebook/Blissdom buddies…you make my days brighter
Now are we ready for December and the excitement it brings? I guess come tomorrow, we’ll find out!