January 29, 2010

Keep calm and have a cupcake!

Back in December (it seems so long ago) I was fortunate enough to attend a cupcake tasting at Magpies bakery. To me, the words 'cupcake' and 'tasting' flow so well together, and because I knew this particular event = free cupcakes, I was so there. Leave it to Magpies to think of everything...because what goes perfectly with cupcakes? Milk of course! This was an opportunity to showcase the featured holiday flavors and have patrons vote on their favorites. But, really, who has ever met a cupcake he/she didn't like? Here are 'white chocolate orange-cranberry swirl' and 'dark chocolate peppermint.' After tasting (and tasting a little more), I'm pretty sure the dark chocolate peppermint was my favorite (like you're surprised). Mr. B enjoyed some of the other offerings such as homemade coffee cake and some sugar cookies. They even took suggestions for new flavors that folks would like to see being served...duh, mint oreo! Some people say the cupcake trend is waning or that it was never all that cool to begin with. To me, cupcakes are not a trend, but a classic treat that have been simply placed in the spotlight. And even though I'm thinking that Cookie Monster would classify cupcakes as a sometimes food, Dino said it best..."my sometime is now!"